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Seller's Home Staging Assessment


As part of my commitment to ensuring the success of your home sale, every listing with me includes a complimentary home staging assessment. I will personally visit your home to conduct a thorough evaluation, identifying its key assets and devising a strategy to accentuate its most appealing features.

Together, we'll explore options such as storing away certain items and rearranging furniture to create an inviting atmosphere for potential buyers. Additionally, we'll assess spaces for multifunctionality, considering the possibility of transforming areas into recreational spaces, home offices, and more.


Our focus extends beyond just the layout; we'll delve into interior design elements, recommending neutral color schemes in some cases to broaden the appeal to a wider buyer market. Attention to details like lighting, curb appeal, and home decor will further enhance the overall aesthetic and allure of your home.

Research consistently demonstrates the significant impact of home staging on the sales process. Staged homes not only spend 73% less time on the market but also command a 25% higher selling price compared to non-staged homes (Professional Staging, 2021; Realtor Magazine, 2021). To support your journey in selling your home, we are pleased to offer this professional home staging service at no additional cost.


Elevate your listing and maximize your property's potential with our comprehensive approach to showcasing your home in the best possible light.

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